Anlung Pi Free School History

Early in 2012 we began our dream of building another VDCA Free School, in the rural area at Anlung Pi Village, 25km from Siem Reap City. Through the generosity of local and international donors, and friends, we completed the school. Our mission is to provide rural children from Anlung Pi, and the nearby rubbish dump, access to a free education.


Mid 2012 our school was completed and a grand opening was held attended by donors, friends, staff and the local community. Our school was blessed by Buddhist Monks in keeping with the Cambodian tradition. The opening was enjoyed by all and generated great excitement in the community.


Many local families came to the registration and more than 300 children were enrolled in the school.


                                                          Anlung Pi Free School Today

Our school continues to grow and evolve under the direction of our Manager, Mr. Bunhak. We have 300 children attending, aged from 5-18, who receive a free education in Khmer, English,computer, Buddhist morality and hygiene. We support children to attend the State School, providing tuition fees, school supplies and bicycles. We also provide free health screening for the children and families, twice a year.


Anlung Pi Sewing Program

VDCA offers women in the Anlung Pi community an opportunity for a better future through our vocational Sewing Program. We currently have 15 women attending our classes, where they learn sewing skills and create goods for sale in local and international markets.


Computer class

Every three months we select 50 students for one term of computer studies. In this course they learn about Microsoft word and excel and also a little about computer maintenance. This gives our students more knowledge that is essential to getting a good job in the future.


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