VDCA and the International Community

VDCA is part of a global community that supports positive change in the lives of our fellow human beings. A real sense of community and connected is important to us here. VDCA currently has supporters from numerous countries, including New Zealand, UK, Australia, USA, Germany, Canada and Japan.

Several organisations, charities and individuals have been supporting VDCA over the past years. Some sponsor a particular project or a student, while others make a regular monthly contribution or a one-time donation. 

Any form of support is appreciated and needed at VDCA. So whether you would like to donate once, become a regular supporter or sponsor a specific project, your help will make a difference!

Our International Partners and Sponsors


Project Enlighten, is a registered 501 (c) (3), Non-Government, Non-Profit Organisation in the United States of America. Established by Olivia and Asad Rahman in 2006, their programs focus on communities and individuals directly impacted by poverty and war, believing that the best way to address these challenges is to focus on education. 

United Kingdom

Building Together in Cambodia (B.T.I.C) is a community project of VDCA designed to help people who work on Siem Reap's Rubbish Dump at Anlung Pi. They are the major supporters of our Anlung Pi Nursery School and Feeding Program and our transitional housing and micro-loan program, which assists families to move out of the dump and establish sustainable employment and better living conditions.


Cambodian Schools of Hope Inc., a charity group in Australia, is involved in supporting education and our free schools in Cambodia. They are authorised to collect donations on our behalf.     

                                  New Zealand

The Pascha Foundation Charitable Trust was established by Jonathan and Yasmeen, who run the Pascha center in New Zealand. The Foundation, in partnership with NZAIPT (The New Zealand Association of Intuitive and Pascha Therapists), have been our regular sponsors since 2007 and they collect donations on our behalf.


We are very honoured to be partnered with AEG Ravensburg School. We are very grateful to the teachers, parents and students for their ongoing support and fundraising activities. Donations for our projects can be made through the AEG Ravensburg School.


Ymak Path Project was established by Yada Mak, who is an international teacher working abroad. The organisation is committed to supporting and raising awareness about local NGOs in Cambodia that have the potential to:     
  • Create opportunities and hope through education.
  • Empower local community to participate and support one another to construct sustainable development and to break the cycle of poverty. 
Ymak Path Project has made regular contributions since 2012, organised CAS visit for IB learners and assisted with teaching programs. They are authorised to collect donations on our behalf.