'Having traveled all over the world, I am usually pretty leery of NGOs...This is not the case with VDCA. It was started by a local man, a monk at the time, who wanted to improve the lives of the children around him. It is still run by him, employees local people and doing it a way that is in tune with the local customs and culture.' Rustin. Click here to see more of Rustin's blog with photos.

Our Projects

VDCA is a registered NGO in Cambodia. We receive no government assistance and all our programs are funded through donations from our generous donors, sponsors, Partner Organisations and volunteer fundraisers. We currently operate our VDCA, Anlung Pi Free School, at the rural Anlung Pi village located by the dump area, which both have around 300 students each. Building Together in Cambodia (B.T.I.C.) has contributed a Nursery School and Feeding Program, which serves around 70 children a hot lunchtime meal, 5 days a week. B.T.I.C has also established a Housing Project Building together in Cambodia, providing temporary housing for 7 families who formerly lived and/or worked in the dump. B.T.I.C provides accommodation, education and micro-loans to help these families establish a more sustainable future.

Wish List

We have compiled a Wish List as a guide for our supporters and donors. This is by no means an exhaustive list, as we are always developing new projects to help underprivileged children in Cambodia. If you have any questions or ideas for projects, please feel free to contact us.

Our Current Projects

We always have new projects in the works to better our schools and help more children and families in need. Watch this space!

Projects most in need

  • Donation
  1. $ 5 USD/ monthly, $ 60 USD / Year to sponsor a child to attend an education at VDCA, Anlung Pi and also provide them with a schoolbag and books etc.  We wish to have 300 international friends, families and volunteers to donate  $ 5 USD/ Monthly it would be wonderful and much help us to secure an educational programs for the rural children at the remote area, Anlung Pi.
  2. $6 USD for properly shoes per child, there are currently approx. 300 children attending at Anlung Pi Free School  and nursery and feeding programs.
  3. $ 45 USD/ monthly, $540 USD/ Year to provide a clean water and hygiene supplies as Soap, toothbrush and toothpaste for 200 children.
  4. $250 USD/ monthly to support teacher's salaries. The teacher's salaries are the most important priority because many NGOs and other supporters don't focus on the teachers and want to put their donations towards buildings or other supplies for the children. But without the teachers the children could not learn so we really need to support our teachers. By focusing other teacher's salaries, the staff themselves will become even stronger teachers because they will be content in their work and able to meet the needs of their own families.
  5. $35 USD/monthly to provide an electricity bill, we have classes running from 8:30 to 4pm so need to be able to have access to electricity to be able to light the classrooms. It is also very hot so we need electricity to power the ceiling fans. The laptops and internet are also a really important part of both the teachers lesson planning and students'classes.

Note : We greatly appreciate any one time donations or continued support of our school. If you would like to support a specific area in the school, please contact us for more information on your particular area of interest.

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