In Memoriam

Rathana Nn

Rathana Nn established the very first, one-classroom school just outside of Wat Thmey in 2005. It was his dream to have a big school one day to give some of Siem Reap's poorest children a future that would not depend on begging.

To anyone who helped him, he would always say “thank you from the bottom of my heart” with the greatest sincerity and gratitude. In 2008, his dream finally came true, and many people have become a part of it.

Rathana tragically passed away in a car accident on April 2, 2007, but his memory lives on among us.

Mr Meng

Our dear friend and Assistant Director, Mr Meng, passed away on March 23, 2008.

A bright, gentle and talented young man, Mr Meng's compassion for the children and the school were matched by his dedication to assist Mr Togh.

His warm smile lit up the lives of all of us who had the pleasure to know him and will always be remembered.

    Our Team Profiles


Tonh Mien (Togh Main)

VDCA Director

     Togh is the co-founder and Director of VDCA. A former monk, he established the first VDCA school under a house in the Wat Thmei community, with his friend and fellow monk, Rathana. After Rathana's passing, Togh dedicated his life to continuing their mission to provide life-changing education to better the lives of underprivileged children in the Siem Reap area.

     Due to Togh's hard work, and the generous support from friends and donors worldwide, VDCA has continued to grow and prosper. VDCA expanded our programs to the rural area at Togh's home village, where we now have another free school, nursery school, feeding program, housing program, vocational sewing program and micro-loan programs. Togh is always thinking of ways to help those in need and is currently working on an elderly care program. Click here to see more about Togh's background. 

  His Mission: My life’s work is to share the love and support that I have received from friends and family to support the world. I am very lucky and proud to have international friends and family, who love and trust me. I am happy with living an honest life and making a difference in the world. 

     (VDCA, Anlung Pi Free School Staff

Men Bunhak

Branch Manager

Bunhak is responsible for supporting our staff, volunteers, students and their families, while they attend our free school at Anlung Pi. He monitors student's attendance and behaviour and provides friendly guidance for them. He works closely with our Director, and with local authorities, to deal with any issues, we may encounter.

Lok Salun

English Teacher

Salun was born in Anlung Pi Village. Her father died many years ago and she is the eldest of three children. While Salun was in High School she was sent to live with her aunt as her mother couldn't afford to send her to school. When she graduated High School, Salun wanted to work with us to help the people of her village. She trained as a teacher at VDCA and is now employed and supported by us to attend University.

Salun is a very competent teacher and a warm and lovely young woman. Despite working hard, Salun needs assistance with her University fees and we highly recommend her for sponsorship. We would like to see her achieve her goal of graduating and any support toward her tuition would be gratefully appreciated. 

Mr. Thea


Pat Sokung

Sewing Teacher

Sokung was born in Anlung Pi Village. She is lovely, young woman and enthusiastic worker who is sharing her knowledge with the rural children of the village. Our sewing project aims to give young women vocational skills and create goods for sale to support their families. 

We wish to send Sokung to professional sewing lessons to further her technical skills, which she would use to enhance our sewing project. Any support toward professional sewing lessons would be very much appreciated, which would give Sokung, and other young women of the village, more opportunities for their future.

Anlung Pi Nursery School and Building Project (B.T.I.C)

Miss Chanrey

Nursery Teacher



Loy Sinoun

School Mother

Sinoun was a rubbish collector at Anlung Pi’s dump. She and her family moved to our housing community (BTIC) in 2013. She is very willing worker and is building a better future for her children and herself.

Sinoun is now working at our Nursery School taking care of the children. She knows a little English as she used to work as a Health Educator before she worked at the rubbish dump.

Her future wish: I would like to be an English teacher in the future. Thank you to BTIC for giving my family this opportunity and the hope that my children can have higher education in the future.

Ms,Hing Sophy

School Cook

Hing Sophy lives in Anlug Pi Village. and there are 7 children in her family. She is now working as our Cook at our Nursery and Feeding Program. Despite her lack of professional training, she makes delicious meals for our kids.

Her future wish: I wish I could be a professional chef in the future. Thank you BTIC for giving me this opportunity. I hope I can send my kids to attend higher education and grow up with a very bright future.

Chow Leab

Assistant Cook and Environmental Maintenance

Leab lives in Anlung Pi Village and used to work at the rubbish dump. Her husband died many years ago and her 4 children were unable to attend school as they could not afford it. She is now delighted to work with us at our Nursery and Feeding Program.

Her future wish: I wish I could live in better conditions. I hope that some of my kids can get some skills to apply for other jobs. Thank you BTIC for giving me a chance.