Why sponsorship?

The goal of the VDCA Free Schools is to improve the lives of underprivileged and vulnerable children and families by offering them basic education and the prospect of a better future. VDCA works tirelessly to support disadvantaged children, in both the city and rural areas.

Most children in Cambodia are eager to study, but due to financial issues in the family, some cannot maintain regular attendance at school, with many having to stop education altogether. Many children are forced to leave school early to help support their families through the formal or informal economy. Children may have to help at home, pick recyclables at the dump or work on building sites in Siem Reap, Phnom Penh or in Thailand.

VDCA has established a sponsorship program, in which we nominate children in need of financial assistance, in order for them to continue their education. This sponsorship covers their formal and supplementary education expenses and also provides an incentive for them to maintain regular attendance and keep up their lessons.


Where your sponsorship money goes

Our goal in 2016 is to expand our sponsorship program so that more children can maintain attendance at school and complete their basic education. It is important that we work with the Cambodian public school system, as we want our programs to assist the local system to ensure that our children can pursue tertiary education in the future, if they are able.

Your monthly sponsorship funds your sponsor child’s education at State School and VDCA Free School, providing school fees, food, required uniforms, bicycles, school stationery and certifications. The majority of the sponsorship donation will go directly to meet your child’s immediate educational needs. A small amount of your sponsorship is contributed to VDCA, which will assist the entire school community, so all will benefit from your donations. Our Khmer staff will oversee the sponsorship program, so the administration cost will provide remuneration for expenses related to home welfare visits, sponsor contact and record-keeping. We have also established an emergency fund for the families in our community to cover emergency expenses such as hospital, Doctor visits, medication or food, should the need arise.

A detailed breakdown of your sponsorship dollars:

Description of Expenses



State School - Daily school fee, breakfast, school supplies, uniforms and related miscellaneous expenditures for children to maintain their education at State School.

15 USD

180 USD

VDCA – This supports our English programs, computer classes, stationery supplies, hygiene supplies and student certifications.


60 USD

Administration costs for staff related to regular home welfare visits and reports on children’s progress.


36 USD

Emergency Fund for urgent needs such as hospital, Doctors, medicine, medical supplies or food for families.


24 USD


25 USD

300 USD


What you will receive

Sponsors will receive:

  • ·      Details and a photo of your sponsor child

  • ·      Your sponsor child’s Progress Report twice a year, so you can stay informed and track their progress through school

  • ·      A newsletter about our projects

  • ·      The opportunity to write to your sponsored a child through VDCA

  • ·      An opportunity to visit your child and their family when you are in Cambodia, under the supervision of VDCA staff

I’m interested in helping children to have a better future. What do I do now?

This year, there are 150 children, ages 4 -15 years, who need your support. We will provide more information about these children, and their backgrounds, when we receive notice of your interest in sponsoring.

You can easily make monthly recurring payments through our bank account (AU), fundraising site (UK) or PayPal (International).

Please contact us for more information here!


A note from our Director, Mr. Togh

It is my experience and observation, from my work at the rural village, that many children are not willing to attend school as the school is not fun and teachers are not 100 % focused on providing an education. Many children also go to school hungry and unable to study.

Most of the village families didn’t receive an education, as they were born in a period of war and now, to survive, they make their living as a farmer or construction worker in Siem Reap City or Thailand. The average income is usually far less than their expenses. Many families have 5 to 8 children who often have to stop education around 15 years old, to work and share in supporting their family.

I have also noted that not many families are motivated to keep their children in school to prepare them for the future. We used to hear that children should just be grateful that their parents gave them life and can feed them. People often say that it is easy to make a child but it is not easy to give them a better future.

If we receive monthly support for children this will ensure that their education is secure. We will encourage families to keep their children in school by providing counseling and some financial support to make sure their children maintain attendance, rather than put them to work.

Or'kun Ch'ran and Blessings from Togh and the children x